Color blocking forms in black and white

Christopher Waller was Founded in 2010 by Simon Christopher Waller, the Christopher Waller label aims to provide sophisticated urban women with luxurious staples that can easily make the transition from day to evening wear.

Colour blocking forms the backbone of the Christopher Waller collections and in recent seasons this has been combined with fabric blocking to create a distinct Christopher Waller aesthetic.

I love these prints.  Apparently it’s a negative of a photo that was taken from waller’s studio window in Peckham on a rainy day, recolored and played around with. Wellar explains: ” Basically it’s a photo of a council estate “.

This is a taste from his S/S 2012 collection.

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Director: Joe Hunt
Filmed by: Svajunas Grybe
Audio: Slam Sounds
Assistant: Luke Lewis
Make Up: Laura Shepherd
Hair: Charlotte Pannell
Actors: Marene Miller and Timothy Renouf