Getting back on the horse

“It’s always difficult to start writing again after a long period of silence” was the first line I wrote and then paused for 5 minutes to stare at the blank white space around it.

I cannot believe I haven’t updated anything since June. However, I have managed to do quite a lot since then. I’ve been to Italy for my honeymoon (July), then returned and quit my job (huge step!), left for London for almost 2 months (while my husband stayed to work here), where I worked for a bit here ( that was a lot of fun), And returned home to figure out what I want to do next with my life…

And so, I found myself reflecting about my life (again..) so I decided to share with you these ‘words of wisdom’ posters I love, which are really cool to use as art.  I like to look at them when it’s raining outside and I get a bit moody.

Hope you like them too.