Time after time and again

In the latest Fresh Paint Art Fair (one of the biggest art fairs for contemporary art in the world, where I work as a project manager) that was held in May, I found myself in-love with the work of a young photographer named Assaf Shaham. Assaf was one of 50 independent artists presenting their work in the Artists’ Greenhouse in Fresh Paint 5.

The Fresh Paint founders have a tradition of giving the team the opportunity to choose a work of art to take home with them and this year I knew I wanted to take one of the works from Assaf’s series, called “Time after time and again”.

The work finally arrived from the framer’s shop in the beginning of the week and looks spectacular in my living room. finally, after six months of living in our new apartment, my husband (a monochrome fanatic architect) and myself found ourselves hanging a work that was not in black and white 🙂

You can see most of the work from Assaf’s series down here (and in his website..):


Isn’t it beautiful?!