The Divine Connection

So I haven’t written for a while now. Unfortunately and thankfully I was busy this past month and a half on the production of an annual art event I’m working on for the second year (wait for pictures in the posts to come..:))

Anyway, today I managed to find a very cool source for inspiration:

Matt Wisniewski is a collage artist.  he essentially makes digital hybrids from different objects; there is always a human base to the picture, whether it’s a whole body or just a face.

Wisniewski rarely uses photos of his own creation. He mainly uses familiar faces of famous models and images by known photographers which contributes to the credibility and sleek look of the Image. His main work is linking images with one another in a way that you would rarely think to do. A form of cosmic linking, making connections between images that could not meet in any other way except in his mind.

Sure you can argue that you’ve seen similar works like these before, but still, something about these works is very clean and polished and done just right.