I survived the Marni at H&M shopping horor

Woke up at 8:00 this morning and arrived to H&M by 9:30. Thankfully managed to find a friend who was there since 8:45, so joined her (thank god for that because i probably would have waited another hour and a half). In the meantime, made some Marni loving friends while chatting up my way through the line.

bright colored bracelets to tag each group of shoppers coming in

We eventually waited for about an hour an a half until they let us in for only 10 minutes to shop! 

I must say, i waited for this collection for a while, and i was very disappointed. the selection was not great, and every dress I tried on looked like a sack of potatoes on me, most of the clothes were not flattering.

But! lucky for me, the accessories department saved the day, and i managed to snag my self some cool colorful jewelry and a pair of shoes. I do want to mention that i absolutely loved the packaging of everything and the cool see-through bags, in that sense everything did look very put together.

quickly trying out the shoes at the store

The goods!

The beautiful bags

The beautiful packaging

The jewelry !

sadly there were no necklaces left by the time i got in

The jacket!

Everything together!