If I was a Japanies princess I would call myself Noritamy

I wore Noritamy jewelry to my wedding. It was the only jewelry I had on, no earings, no bracelets, nothing  in my hair, just a Noritamy necklace. Every one wanted to touch it, because it was so unique.  Sure, they don’t have any color in their designs, but the minimalistic lines and the soft and hard mix make them a personal favorite of mine.

“A design house specializing in sculpture oriented jewelry with dramatic presence. Noritamy founders, Tamar Edelman and Elinor Avni, explore contemporary jewelry-making while borrowing concepts from post-modern architecture.” (Taken from the Noritamy Facebook page)…

Noritamy's studio

Me on my wedding day in Amanda Wakeley dress and my Noritamy necklace