Begin your week with some words of wisdom

This one made me think…

Color blocking forms in black and white

Christopher Waller was Founded in 2010 by Simon Christopher Waller, the Christopher Waller label aims to provide sophisticated urban women with luxurious staples that can easily make the transition from day to evening wear.… Continue reading

The VOGUE Festival 2013 – This month!

Have you heard about this? I have bought myself tickets for two talks that will be taking place in Southbank Center in London as part of The VOGUE Festival 2013 in 27-28 of… Continue reading

Crush of the moment

I stumbled upon the works of Niels Peeraer by accident, and I am lucky to find them. Born in Antwerp 1989, Peeraer graduated from his Master year in June ’11 at the Royal Fashion… Continue reading

Marsh land

The beautiful photography of Jonathan Marsh took my breath away. From the little information I could find, I discovered that Marsh, apart from being a photographer, is a graphic designer and a musician… Continue reading

Getting back on the horse

“It’s always difficult to start writing again after a long period of silence” was the first line I wrote and then paused for 5 minutes to stare at the blank white space around… Continue reading

Time after time and again

In the latest Fresh Paint Art Fair (one of the biggest art fairs for contemporary art in the world, where I work as a project manager) that was held in May, I found… Continue reading

Sometimes life needs some fairy dust..

Take some dogs dyed green and a girl with pink hair and let them kick around some sparkle dust and what you get is candy for the eyes. LOVED this beautiful editorial from Marie… Continue reading

The Divine Connection

So I haven’t written for a while now. Unfortunately and thankfully I was busy this past month and a half on the production of an annual art event I’m working on for the… Continue reading

The Surrealist Dream

I love the collaboration between american photographer, Erik Madigan Heck and  MARY KATRANTZOU. I love the use of color in Heck’s work. You can also see that he takes a lot of inspiration from art history. It’s not… Continue reading